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today is Aug 07, 2022


A report in Input Magazine titled "My Fortune Cookie Told Me To Invest In Dogecoin" shows that a Bahamas-based "Crypto and NFT portfolio company" called FTX is advertising in fortune cookies.

"Have you ever waited too long, and missed out on something?" one fortune reads. When you flip it over, you see an ad for the crypto company  FTX.

"This is presumably a family-owned restaurant that simply wanted to restock its fortune cookie supplies for customers and not push a decentralized finance agenda.

Still, that's hundreds, if not thousands of tiny ads going out to diners any given month shilling infuriatingly stupid meme economics. Given our current scam-ridden, wildly speculative era of cryptocurrency, it's sort of ridiculous to see those kinds of "fortunes" in the vicinity of my Szechuan chicken. Couple all that with the serious environmental concerns stemming from the crypto industry, and my Dogecoin dessert just seems… disconcertingly dystopian."


Even before the message in a cookie treat started shilling altcoins, it wasn't particularly authentic. Fortune cookies have a murky origin story but have become known as a decidedly American treat. In fact, when Yao Ming played his first game in Miami in 2002, the Heat passed out thousands of fortune cookies— an East Asian stereotype. But Yao Ming had reportedly never seen a fortune cookie before, so he wasn't offended.

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